Who are you?

Who Are You?

Who are you?
The one the world names,
The one your world named.

Who are you?
A zephyr in the summers,
The heat of winters,
The unseasonal rain,
An autumnal spring,
Or the evergreens – an anuual tale.
Who are you?
A pursuit of happiness,
A glamour magazine.
The base case ,
or a disciplined dean.
Who are you?
An actor enacting the script of his life,
An author who scribbles his side,
A curator, the one who flies his own kite.
Who are you?
A prodigy?
Internationally adopted emoji,
A made prophecy?
Or the one who leads.
Not your legacy,
Not the ancestrality,
Not what you choose to be,
Not what you can be,
The only question is :
Who are you?
(Think wisely)
                                                                                                                                    -Shruti Jain



Post your comments in the comment section to describe yourself.

Happy Reading!



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