Broken Heart

Her veins whispered his name as she slit her wrist. Drenched in ‘Red Tears’, her arm lay on the ‘white sheet of his last words’.The heart wept and eyes looked for her drug. The sigh of pain in her breath shrunk her.

La Lalaa Lalaa.Do Dodoo Dodoo” Sanya hummed the song as she baked the chocolate cup-cakes. “Ah! Lovely!” she told herself while putting the cupcakes at their assigned place. Suddenly the phone bell rung. “Must be David!” with a happy heart she ran towards the phone and answered  “Hello“. The person on the call spoke “Good-evening Madam! Can I speak to Mrs David?”. To which she replied “ Yes Speaking. May I know your good name ,please?” . “I am Dilshad from City Hospital“, the receptionist answered. As she crunched the apple ,Sanya asked “How may I help u Miss?”. Dilshad told “Madam! Mr David is counting his last breath. We got your contact number from his wallet diary. You need to rush down to the hospital as there is an emergency“. A silence struck. The phone slipped off her hands. Sanya took off her apron, grabbed her phone and rushed. The road from home to hospital rewinded the tape of their odyssey. The days when they fought for no reason, the time when they shared their private worlds , the long drives, the loud laughs: The memories flashed as she pounded the pavement for several miles. And no sooner she arrived at the hospital. With tears rolling down the cheek she asked “Room 218?”. “Mrs  David?” The receptionist asked. Sanya nodded her head. Dilshad handed her a letter from her husband and told “Second floor , to the right” .Stuck in puzzledom, she huffed and puffed as she made her way up the stairs. She felt a throbbing in her head as she glanced over her love. Her mind puzzled his sudden departure. In grim despair, she sat besides him, ran her hands over his chest. A flash of emotion swept over her. The doctor entered hurriedly. He checked David’s pulse rate and discovered he was no more. With a heavy heart he declared his death. The nurse covered him with the white blanket and roared to the ward boy ” Take him away.. He is no more “. The ward boy did what he was asked to. Behind the gate Mrs David stood with legs shivering ; hands craving; the heart not wanting to believe his death. Losing him was a great deprivation.

The clock struck 12! The place around her had an aura of dismay. But today no-one wrapped her in his arms; kissed her forehead and said ” happy anniversary my ‘kiss of love’”. Grief-Stricken ,she walked away with the envelope and the purse. With nothing to say, no-one to love, no-one to fight with ,the feet kept moving forward. Her steps reached the home of memories.The garden of love where the love-birds lived their ups and downs. As she stood, the watchman ,with a heavy heart, opened the gate. It seemed as if the entrance gate of the home welcomed the lady to a hell on earth. Plenty of bricks supported  the roof-top. The heaven on the lane turned a graveyard where buried were the memories. She stepped in, threw her purse and fell down. She sobbed inconsolably. A tear fell on the letter. She opened it. Sanya could whiff the perfume he had worn. For once the eyes could see Black Love scribbled over a white paper but the heart saw more than that. Baffled and blank , she snivelled as she read the letter: ]

My sweetheart Sanya,

I love you.

                       You Are my hearts delight, it burns ever so bright.

                       You are my best friend, our bond shall never end!

                       You are my life, my breath ,my own

                     With my soul, i can give u my all….

I am sorry dear. This news mustn’t have sunk in. I know lots of questions are running in your mind. I knew about my disease but didn’t let u  know because I wanted to take my last breath looking at your smile, your sparkling eyes, living every curve, every freckle, every shiver of  your body. I wanted to spent my last days with “YOU ,My love”. I was and shall be yours.         

  I’m buried in your heart and will live in your eyes .

 Yours forever,


The blood occupied the floor. She whined n asked herself ” Why did all this happen to me? Why was he chosen for this disease? Why did he dessert me? Who cursed us? Why dont somebody answer me damn’? ” She seeked for unanswerable questions. Everything was catastrophically complex.. She went insane and turned into a moaning Minnie.To her, the world rolled in aisles. Hours passed.The wind swept moaningly through the trees. Caught in the whirl of agitation,”Why me?”: the only she uttered. With a tragic face Sanya lay on the tiled floor . Pink cheeks turned pale yellow, tears rolled down the red eyes and the blood followed its wandering course. Slowly a whirling sensation struck her .It felt as if everything around moved in pace. In no time blackness surrounded her eyes.  Her heart spoke “Meet you in heaven darling” and her eyes shut against the sunlight ,forever!Broken Heart!

Love Affair

The world had names for her.
Loudly whispered.
Drenched into the blood wallow,
Yet, she bloomed.
And responded to the curses , crackled and flared,
With her magic spell, Her love affair.
Yes, She had an affair.
Mettlesome affair with her garden,
Wherein bloomed her shadow.
Determined entanglement
With family and friends, The tango!
Yes, She had an affair.
Dauntless affair with the sky,
That held her wings high.
With her character and veracity:
Sheer audacity.
With Her Gutsy endurance
That Lit a brazen assurance.
Yes, She had an affair.
Feisty Affair with her naked skin,
Colored dim!
The exotic eyes : Dreamy bright.
The brown sleek hair :Oh! That glare.
Mona-Lisa smile,
Quaint enough to beguile.
Yes, She had an affair.
She still does. She dares!
Love Affair!
Love Affair!